A few words about RMITV

2011 – Studio A
Tommy Little interviewing Dave Thornton

RMITV is RMIT University’s very own television production house, funded generously by the University in conjunction with RMIT University Student Union (RUSU). RMITV is dedicated to providing hands on television experience to students. We produce content to be broadcast on C31 Melbourne and Geelong and have helped many students find their way to careers in the television industry.

We are also one of the founding members of the Melbourne Community Television Consortium; the not-for-profit consortium that operates the community television channel C31 in Melbourne. We also work to provide opportunities to members of the local community wanting to get involved in television production.

RMITV also has an incorporated association, Student Community Television Inc. which serves to allow us to remain a full member of the Melbourne Community Television Consortium and as an external body eligible for various Government and community grants. In the past, money from grants has allowed us to purchase items such as a Sony V1P camera and Ianiro Redhead kit. Interested students and community members can run to be on the Student Community Television Inc. board of directors at the Annual General Meeting. Keep an eye on the newsfeed for when and where this happens each year!

RMITV has a long history of successful producers and practitioners moving into professional employment within the Australian television industry. Our alumni include; Rove McManus (Roving Enterprises), Hamish and Andy (Fox FM), Shona Devlin (JTV – Triple J), and Andrew Tacon (Foxtel).  We’ve also had crew members go on to work at the ABC, Network 10, Videoworks, AusStage, Staging Connections and many more.  Crewing on an RMITV production will give you invaluable skills and experience, so go on- get involved!



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