Q?What crew roles and jobs can I do?

The long term benefits RMITV provides are paramount to aspiring producers, directors, sound technicians, writers, production managers, make-up artists, editors, graphic designers, performers, wardrobe designers, photographers, musicians, journalists, art directors, camera operators, set designers, animators, lighting technicians and many more roles.

Our members gain transferable skills to many entertainment industries such as film, television, print, radio, web-based, advertising, public relations, marketing, education, new media and many other industries.

Q?Where is the RMITV Office

RMIT University – City Campus

Building 57, Level 04, Room 24

We are situated next to Cafe@57!

Q?I’m not an RMIT Uni student, can I still join?

Yes! We welcome everyone. We have members who are RMIT Uni students, to other uni students, to interested non-students from all walks of life, to professional industry members! Membership forms can be found on our website here.

Once you join up, we add you to our mailing list and you receive production crew calls from us as opportunities arise. Membership forms can be dropped off at our office located In RMIT Uni City Campus Building 12, Level 4, Room 22. Our office hours are generally 1-6pm weekdays. Hope to have you crewing with us soon!

Q?Can I apply to do work experience with you? Or can I have an internship?

Unfortunately, we don’t do work experience, or have interns, as we are university student run television production house. A great place for you to look into for work experience is SYN. You can find out info here: http://syn.org.au/

RMITV is a great space for up and coming media practitioners to come and experience hands on television production. You are still welcome to join up, we just could not fulfil your Year 10 work experience requirements. It’s $10 for high-school students to join up and membership forms can be found on our website. Membership forms can be dropped off at our office located In RMIT Uni City Campus Building 12, Level 4, Room 22. Once you join up, we add you to our mailing list and you receive production crew calls from us as opportunities become available. Please be aware that some of these crewing roles require you to stay back till as late as 11pm – which is too late for a school night! If you’re still interested in join RMITV, have a further read here: http://www.rmitv.org/get-involved/

Q?I’m not receiving any emails from RMITV?

This can be caused by a few things. Most commonly the emails are being redirected to your spam folder, but occasionally it is caused by a typo in your email address.

Not to worry easily fixed.

Option 1:
Contact us directly by email, phone, or pop by.
Email : info@rmitv.org
Phone: 03 9925 3416
Office: RMIT University, Building 12, Level 04, Room 22.
(Opposite the hub, next to the study and learning center)

Option 2 – For Google Account Users and Gmail Users Only: 

Login to your google account.
Go to http://groups.google.com/group/RMITV, note this is a hidden group so you can only find it by going to this address.
Click “Apply for Membership”.
When applying you will be asked to supply a Nickname, this must be your full name (The same name you used on your membership application form).
You will also be asked again to supply you name, membership number, and membership expiry in your application.
Click “Apply to this group”  and as long as your details are correct you should be accepted to the group within 48 hours.

Q?Whats my membership number?

You can find your membership number written on your membership card which would have been issued when you first signed up.

If you were no issued a membership card contact us either by phone, or come by the office in person, and we will make up a new card for you.


Q?I have an idea for a show, who do I talk to?

The person your looking to speak to is our Content and Development Manager, David Spencer. David is your go to guy for when you have a show that you want to make. Feel free to come into the office and say hi! He’ll be sure to answer any questions that you may have about how to make or apply for a production!

You can read more about how to make a show here.

If you’ve already got your ducks in a row, you’ll be able to get your show into pilot stage before you can say “ACTION!!”

Q?Can i book / hire the RMIT Television Studio’s for my own projects

RMITV does not have its own television studios. RMITV uses RMIT University’s studio’s for all our in-house productions at no cost.  However we are only allowed to do this for non-profit projects which are beneficial to our members education and training. In most cases we cannot book the studio facilities for external purposes,  however if your project can be considered as beneficial to our members we are far more likely to help you find your way.

Q?Why have i stopped receiving emails

There can only be three reasons for this:

  1. Your Membership has expired.
  2. You email provider has marked it as spam.
  3. Google Apps accounts can have trouble working with Google groups.
    for example: RMIT University Google accounts have blocked access to Google groups.

If you have stopped recieving emails and think you should still be recieving emails, shoot an email to info@rmitv.org and we will see what going on.


Q?What equipment do you have to hire?

See Equipment Hire List

Q?What are the major benefits of becoming a member

See Get Involved

or if that’s not enough to sell you, give us call and I’m sure we can persuade you to join up.

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