Studio A

Studio A was a comedy and variety program hosted by the charming Tommy Little, and is broadcast live to air on channel 31 out of the television studio’s at RMIT University. Now in its sixth season, Studio A attracts high profile guests such as Peter Helliar, Colin lane, Wayne hope, Rove McManus, Adam Richards and a garnered a cult following amongst Melbourne comedy fans. Studio A has also proven to be a great opportunity and acts as a launch pad for rising comedy stars, presenters, actors and musicians. Studio A is unique as it is the only live to air comedy and variety program currently on air in australia, and this generates its wacky, anything can happen atmosphere. Its one of RMITV’s Highest rating programs and is our pride and joy.

Broadcasted Live from RMIT University’s Television Studios in the heart of Melbourne, STUDIO A was the refreshing return of a Tonight Show to C31. The weekly one-hour studio based variety show was originally hosted by comedian Dave Thornton, then in 2010, Tommy Little to over the show for the following 3 seasons. The show featured Live performances, interviews,celebrity guests, comedy and much more.

STUDIO A over the years has always featured a young, innovative and talented support cast including Jess Harris, Alison Bice, Carl Chandler, Tom Bollard, Tommy Dassalo, Oliver Clarke, Xavier Michaelidies, Tegan Higginbotham, Nick Cody, Nat Harris, Anne Edmonds, Ted Wilson, Luke Mcgregor and John Campbell. While never too far from the traditional variety model, this is a show that is never afraid to give convention a kick in the butt!

Dave Thornton, Tommy Little, Jess Harris, Alison Bice, Karl Chandler, Tom Ballard, Tommy Dassalo, Xavier Michaelidies, Oliver Clarke, Teegan Higginbotham, Nick Cody , Nat Harris, Anne Edmonds, Ted Wilson, Luke McGregor and John Campbell.

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