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Since the 1980s, RMITV has offered the chance for hundreds of students to gain experience in content production. These skills are necessary in communications, screen production, journalism, and many other career paths. Nevertheless, it is skills such as teamwork, management, communication, leadership, creativity, and problem solving look great on all resumes.

RMITV is recognised throughout the industry:
• Students progress to employment in Victoria, interstate and globally
• Feature film internships and employment by students
• Award winning content makers locally and internationally
• Live staging and event companies regularly offer employment
• Industry employers head-hunt crew members from the audience of the Flagship Production
• Students have gained employed at all television networks

Live on Bowen Crew Photo

Live on Bowen Crew Photo

RMITV Flagship Production

Students gained employment on Avengers movie, internship at Conan, and countless television network jobs! You can make the next content creators’ careers by supporting funding for RMITV’s Flagship Production. Students come from all levels of study (TAFE to Bachelors to Postgraduate), in diverse study areas (media production, engineering, marketing, writing, computers, etc). Networking with aspiring and professional screen practitioners (ABC, SBS, Ten etc) kick-starts careers on set.


RMITV Industry Training Program

Hundreds of students mentored by Senior News Director, global comedy media legend, Cannes Film Festival entrants, Lonely Planet video editors! Student visits to a BBC historical drama, and over 60 students sat in the news desk at Network Seven! RMITV’s Training has brought industry placements on feature films, editing production houses, network television shows, and several paid jobs to students.


Hear what one of our industry mentors talk about RMITV

Mr John “Come on Down!” Deeks (The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal) talks about his time with RMITV Members. As part of RMIT University SSAF funded RMITV Training, over 60 students sat in the news desk at Network Seven!   Click play to have a listen!



Live on Bowen gave me the chance to work alongside students from all sorts of courses (everything from engineering to IT to business to journalism to media) and a variety of study levels (TAFE to Undergraduate to Postgraduate) whilst making great Australian variety television history.”
– Tony Avard, Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)

“Participating in previous workshops has been beneficial for me as gaining that practical skill-set experience helped to give me a better understanding on my theoretical studies.”
– Alen Chiew, Bachelor of Communications

“Whilst volunteering on RMITV’s Flagship Production I met many amazing talented people. Not only were the crew great people to work with, but I met people who are big names in the Australian media industry. People like Winners & Losers’ Virginia Gay, Good News Week‘s Claire Hooper, Triple J’s John Safran, Channel Nine’s Peter Hitchener and many more.

Through my time with Live On Bowen, I was offered an Internship with the ABC Television Department, that soon led into some work with their program Time Of Our Lives on ABC 1! This would not have been possible without gaining that confidence in RMITV’s Flagship Production.”
– Ronja Moss, Bachelor of Communications (Media)

“RMITV’s training workshops have taught me how to use the latest TV studio technologies such as EVS; they’ve allowed me to be mentored by RMITV alumni and senior news director at ABC, Ron Frim; and during their Channel Seven production tour, I was able to see an actual commercial network television studio in action.”
– Karen Dennerley, Diploma of Screen and Media

Students thoughts on RMITV

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