Melbourne Cabaret Festival Review: Dolly Diamond

Now that anyone with an Instagram account and an iPhone can achieve 15 minutes of fame do you ever find yourself longing for the golden age of Hollywood? For a time of glamorous leading ladies like Jayne Mansfield and Audrey Hepburn? If so you are in for a treat because Dolly Diamond is a true diva.  

Originally from the UK the popular comedy/cabaret star has been entertaining audiences in Australia since relocating down under in 2009. 

The Lady is a Tramp, performed as a part of the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, is a celebration of not just Dolly but all women. The show centres on Dolly’s life as a young woman-about-town and she unapologetically shares stories of her sexual conquests with the audience. Dolly refuses to be labelled a tramp for embracing her sexuality and the show contains a healthy dose of gentle smut. 

The hour long performance brims with famous anthems celebrating womanhood which Dolly brings to life with her trademark feisty attitude and powerful vocals. She is ably supported by a three piece band and two talented and long suffering young backup singers, who have names Dolly assures us, but they are not important.

Diamond captivates the audience from the get go and works them like a true professional. She is quick with a comeback and banters with ease; this is a woman who is entirely comfortable in the limelight. The audience, knowing they are in experienced hands, are happy to go along for the ride. 

The Lady is a Tramp is comedy cabaret at its best. The show is fun, high energy and well-paced. Dolly shines in an enviable array of fabulous costumes (prepare yourself for the nude suit) and the atmosphere is intimate and relaxed. Whether you’re a long-time fan of cabaret or a connoisseur of lewd jokes you’re in for a good night.