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Film Review: The Meaning of Vanlife

The Meaning of Vanlife is a visually stunning documentary from writer-director Jim Lounsbury. It explores the ‘vanlife movement’ that is gaining momentum on social media around the world as more and more people choose to abandon traditional homes and careers for life on the road.

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FilmApril Austen
AF French Film Festival: Revenge

Sometimes for a good film, it feels like we just have to suffer through some brutal scenes that really require some teeth-gritting. Directed by Coralie Fargeat, Revenge (2017) puts us through our paces, asking us to endure a brutal rape and attempted murder in exchange for the retribution of seeing the transgressors suffer at the hands of a woman who will not have her dignity taken from her. 

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FILM: Backtrack Boys

The documentary, Backtrack Boys is an ode to the healing powers of the Australian bush, hardworking dogs and the deep commitment of a man who gives a home and a purpose to the troubled youths that Australia doesn’t know what to do with. With its considered exploration of a critical and delicate topic, this feature length documentary  should be on every Australian’s watchlist.

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